Even if you haven't received your invite to configure your Tesla Model 3, you can walk through the complete online configurator right now.

We saw some early glances of the Model 3 Design Studio, but those were only online for Tesla employees. The configurator is still not wide open to anyone, however, those that receive the invite can access it. Now you have access, too ... sorta.

Tesla Model 3 Design Studio

Tesla Model 3 Design Studio

The above video is definitely the next best option if you can't have a look at the Design Studio yourself. People have been absolutely crazy over the Model 3 and there have been so many questions regarding the ordering process, so here it is in real time.

Can you lease a Model 3? What happens if you choose "Hold My Place"? What's the deal with Supercharging?

Well, now all of your questions are answered. Tesla owner and YouTuber, Tri, takes you through all of the menus and options in explicit detail.

Video Description via Tri's Garage on YouTube:

Today, I received an email invite to configure the Model 3. Join me as I walkthrough the menus and configuration options for the Tesla Model 3. To reserve the Tesla Model 3, I camped at the Fremont Tesla campus before Day 1, and I later purchased a Model S.

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