The Volt (trademark issue?) EV Charging Drone can bring you a few kWh of juice for your EV if you're in a bind.

This isn't the first time we've seen something like this. In fact, Amazon patented a very similar device. However, we haven't seen an actual prototype. As we anticipated when we discovered Amazon's plans, it's not going to have the ability to supply you with a large amount of range (at least not with today's tech), but this concept can deliver 3 kWh, which may get you out of a bind ... maybe.

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The Volt drone would get you some 10-20 miles of range depending on the vehicle, the weather, the terrain, and your speed and driving habits. That is if the drone hasn't burned up some of that energy on its way to your location. There's a pretty good chance that that's not going to get you to the next charging station in most areas. Perhaps you'd just have to order a whole round of these drones to get enough miles to suffice.

The premise is that you can use a mobile app to summon the Volt to come to your rescue if you exhaust your battery. You pay for the service through the app with a credit card and then simply wait for your flying electrons to arrive. Unlike the Amazon concept, this unit has legs and sits stationary next to the car, at which point you will use it like any normal charger. The Amazon drone is meant to refuel your car while you're driving.

Below are a few more photos from the Behance website:

Inside the Volt EV Charging Drone (Image Credit: <a href=Behance)" draggable="false">

Inside the Volt EV Charging Drone (Image Credit: Behance)

Volt EV Charging Drone services (Image Credit: <a href=Behance)" draggable="false">

Volt EV Charging Drone services (Image Credit: Behance)

Source: Behance

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