Rivian Automotive

Rivian Automotive

Rivian Automotive already has a working factory, funding, and years of progress. Now, five highly-qualified executives take their seats and ready for new electric vehicle launch by 2020.

The automaker's founder and CEO RJ Scaringe is surely excited about this monumental step in his company's otherwise quiet progress. With plans to bring a five-passenger electric pickup truck to market by 2020, followed by a three-row SUV, getting an executive board in place was a necessary development. This is especially true due to Rivian's reach extending from Michigan to California, along with its new factory in Illinois. Scaringe shared:

Rivian Automotive

Rivian Automotive

“All five of these leaders have a proven track record and most importantly, a passion and curiosity that will drive success. These appointments underscore Rivian’s ability to attract the top talent needed to advance the industry’s shift to electric, autonomous and shared mobility.”

The five named executives include Mark Vinnels, Matt Tall, Ryan Green, Christopher Brown, and Neil Sitron. Depending on your knowledge and affiliations in the automotive world, you may recognize a few of these individuals. The fact that Rivian offers the promise and financial backing to pull each of these new leaders from their current positions is highly compelling.

Each executive's new title followed by brief bio/prior work is listed below:

Mark Vinnels (Executive Director of Engineering and Vehicle Programs) - Executive Program Director at McLaren from 2004-2017, prior Head of Vehicle Programs at Group Lotus

Matt Tall (Vice President of Manufacturing) - former Plant Manager at AM General Indiana, responsible for Mercedes-Benz R-Class assembly; trained in product engineering, manufacturing, and business development

Ryan Green (Chief Financial Officer) - former CFO Harley Davidson Financial Services North America, prior work at Bayer and Visteon/Ford

Christopher Brown (Chief Commercial Officer) - Multiple senior leadership roles at Ford, Nissan, and Jaguar-Land Rover in the U.S., China, and the Middle East

Neil Sitron (general counsel) - Previously represented clients such as Goldman Sachs, Polar Tankers, Citadel Securities, the Global Environment Fund, and NEX Group BAE Systems

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