A dozen doughnuts to go, please!

It's February, and the snow is deep in New York state, home to Bollinger Motors (for now). In its current facility, though the EV engineers are hard at work, they have still found time to make various sorts of entertaining videos. Some more entertaining than others.

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The Bollinger B1 drivetrain in assembled and disassembled form.

The Bollinger B1 drivetrain in assembled and disassembled form.

One kind (below), is mostly serious (but still entertaining for us geeks). Engineer CJ Winegar walks us through some parts of the Bollinger B1 drivetrain, showing off its big drum motor and 2-speed reduction gearboxes.

After their many adventures out West, they disassembled the entire thing to see how the design is holding up, so what better time to show off the array of gears and doodads that go into making their boxy beast. With myriad parts spread across the table, you can tell many hours of long, hard work went into building this first prototype.

But, all work and no play is no bueno, so we're also happy they could find the time to playfully demonstrate how the B1 handles the snow. As you can see from the top video, featuring the all-electric SUT making multiple frosted electric doughnuts to a hard-rocking beat, it does quite well. We don't know for sure that it has the sophisticated tractive abilities of the tractor-trailer-hauling Tesla Model X, but maybe they'll find a way to demonstrate that for us as well.



Source: Bollinger Motors

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