Image above: PEV Registrations per 1,000 People by State, 2016 (source:

The US DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy has presented another unique way to look at the adoption of plug-in vehicles in the US, by charting the concentration of plug-in vehicles relative to the population in 2016.

Tesla Model S and Model X at the factory in Fremont, California

Tesla Model S and Model X at the factory in Fremont, California

Six out of the 50 states reached a level of 2 plug-ins per 1,000 people or better.

The top plug-in market for the country is, as expected, is California with 6.65 EVs per 1,000 persons.

  • California - 0.665%
  • Hawaii - 0.380%
  • Washington - 0.304%
  • Oregon - 0.291%
  • Vermont - 0.238%
  • Georgia - 0.218%
Mississippi 'leads' the reluctant states, with the lowest result of just 0.015%.

"In 2016, there were six states with more than two plug-in vehicles (PEVs) registered per 1,000 people. California had the highest concentration of PEVs with 6.65 PEVs per 1,000 people. Hawaii had the second highest concentration with nearly four PEVs per 1,000 people followed by Washington and Oregon with about three PEVs per 1,000 people. Vermont and Georgia round out the top six with over two PEVs per 1,000 people. Mississippi had the lowest concentration of PEVs, but all 50 states and the District of Columbia had at least some PEVs. PEV registrations within a state are influenced by many factors, including state and local incentive programs, charging infrastructure, and fuel pricing."


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