With the potential for plenty of Tesla Model 3 issues well into the future, how does the automaker compare to others when it comes to customer service?

"Tez" - Ben Sullins' Tesla Model 3

Tesla has received plenty of praise for its customer service and customer satisfaction over the years. Of course, just like any company, there are also reports of unhappy people.

The fact that the automaker works to establish a personal relationship with owners and asks for suggestions on social networks to addresses people's individual issues on a continual basis sets it apart from the usual legacy automaker/franchise dealership model.

This is not to say that there aren't outstanding dealerships out there (because there are plenty), nor is it to say that some automakers don't put more effort than others into building healthy customer relationships and providing top-notch customer service. However, there are many instances in which this is just not true.

Ben Sullins of Teslanomics shares with us the recent problems he's had with his new Tesla Model 3, and how Tesla has responded to his needs. Ben has been a Tesla owner for some time, so he also has some prior experience with the automaker's customer service. However, after years as a Model S owner, he only had two issues and both were solved for free in his own driveway by Tesla's mobile service.

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Tesla's over-the-air update capability allows the automaker to solve many problems without the need for a service visit and find and fix other potential issues that the owner may be unaware of. If your Tesla does need to go in for service, you'll be happy to get a fully-loaded, top-of-the-line Model S or X P100D to loaner drive in the meantime.

Video Description via Teslanomics by Ben Sullins on YouTube:

The Tesla Model 3 is getting special treatment from their engineering team.

Car companies are notorious for horrible customer service. Actually, that’s not true, most car companies don’t even have a relationship with their customers.

This is one way Tesla is different, their direct to consumer model gives them a unique position to continue to deliver a great experience well after you take delivery of your car.

I have some data on just how good that experience is to share, but let’s go back quick to how traditional automakers handle this...

My favorite movie of all time is fight club, in it, Edward Norton works for an automaker, a “major” one, and goes around the country investigating horrific accidents and their likelihood to happen to others…and there’s an equation

This equation determines if a recall is cheaper than settling the court cases, and if so they do one, if not they just let it ride.

And while that was just a movie, not too long ago we had the largest recall in history for exploding airbags in cars, there literally was a grenade in my wife car for almost 9 months before we got it fixed

Point being, this isn’t fiction, this is the reality in what we’ve come to expect from automakers. But of course, there is a better way. Tesla is the better way.

By having a direct relationship with its customers and tech inside their cars, Tesla is able to be much more proactive about issues it finds and resolves those issues in interesting ways…

For example:

Tesla can resolve some issues with software updates that don't require the owner to go into a service center at all. They also often will send a technician to your location to fix an issue if possible. This saves on cost and delivers a better experience overall.

With my Model S, I’ve had exactly 2 issues, both of which were resolved for free within days of them occurring at my home. Their service guy showed up at my door on time, fixed the issue in my driveway pretty quick.

And with my Model 3 I’ve had a couple issues, all of which were resolved within days from them occurring, and one I didn’t even know about that they proactively reached out to me for.

Tesla also shared some data with me regarding the Model 3 quality survey, which new owners get about a week after they take delivery of their car.

Tesla reported that "customer satisfaction scores for Model 3 "quality and condition" after delivery are at an all-time high of 94% These are the best customer scores we've received for quality and condition ever, across all of our vehicles. Customers provide this feedback a minimum of five days after they take delivery, giving them time to thoroughly scrutinize their car and get the opinion of friends and family"

In the end, this new model of having a direct relationship with the customer, mobile service, and even software updates over the air give Tesla a unique advantage for handling any issues that pop up.

So rest easy and know that Tesla is way ahead of the game in this department and when you see negative reports from “experts” in the automotive industry about quality issues just smile and nod, you know something they don’t.

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