It can go 21 miles purely on electric power and can travel over 500 miles.

Ford electrifies the market for police, fire, and government vehicles with the launch of a specially outfitted version of the plug-in hybrid Fusion Energi that it calls the Special Service Plug-In Hybrid Sedan.

The model isn't suitable for pursuits, but the four-door can cover over 500 miles (805 kilometers), including 21 miles (34 km) solely on electric power (which if you are wondering - is the same as the regular, for public-consumption Fusion Energi). The Blue Oval thinks the setup would be perfect for officials like detectives or police and fire chiefs. Sales begin in December, and deliveries start in summer 2018.

Like the standard Fusion Energi, the Special Service Plug-In Hybrid Sedan features a 7.6-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery. It requires two-and-a-half hours to charge on a level-two, 240-volt charger or 7 hours from a conventional 110-volt outlet.

“This is the first Ford police vehicle that can potentially get through an entire shift using no gasoline whatsoever,” Stephen Tyler, Ford police brand marketing manager, said in the model's announcement. “Anyone can plug this in to any wall outlet to run gas- and emissions-free on battery-only operation.”

Ford Fusion Plug-In Hybrid Police Cruiser

Ford Fusion Plug-In Hybrid Police Cruiser

The sedan comes standard with police-centric equipment. For example, the heavy-duty cloth seats have smaller side bolsters for improved comfort of officers wearing lots of equipment, and anti-stab plates increases their protection. Vinyl rear seats and floors are easy to clean. Plus, there are extra mounting points around the cabin and red and white task lights in the overhead console.

Customers can also order a variety of optional equipment for law enforcement work, including several emergency lighting packages. A dark-car system shuts off the interior lights and dims the instrument cluster for surveillance.


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