The new Nissan LEAF achieved first success in the crash test assessment, receiving 5-star safety rating from the Japan New Car Assessment Program.

Having a five-star rating makes the 2018 LEAF one of the safest new cars available on the Japanese market.

This rating may encourage even more Japanese consumers to buy the LEAF and another sales surge could be the result.

The first generation LEAF received a four-star rating in Japan back in 2011, so the 5-star rating of the new LEAF marks an improvement.

"In earning the top grade, the zero-emission LEAF with ProPILOT autonomous technology scored 94.8 points out of a possible 100 for occupant safety in a collision"

"Safety features that contributed to the new Nissan LEAF's five-star rating include its highly rigid body structure, six SRS airbags, seats with enforced headrests and back frames, and seat belts with pre-tensioners and load-limiting capabilities for the front and rear outboard seating positions.

The new Nissan LEAF also passed the Japan New Car Assessment Program's electric shock protection test. The test gauges how well electric vehicles protect occupants from electric shock in a collision. The car has a highly protective battery case, a layout and body structure that shield occupants from high-voltage parts, and a high-voltage cutoff device that activates in a collision.

First introduced in 2010, the Nissan LEAF is the world's best-selling electric vehicle. The all-new version comes with a number of advanced technologies including ProPILOT technology for autonomous single-lane driving on highways and the ProPILOT Park autonomous parking system. It also features e-Pedal, which lets drivers accelerate and brake by operating only the accelerator pedal.

Nissan continues to develop electric-vehicle and autonomous driving technologies to enhance safety and convenience for drivers as part of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the company's vision for changing how cars are powered, driven and integrated into society."

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Results (see details here):

  • Overall result: 179.4 points (out of 200 possible)
  • Occupants protection: 94.78 points (out of 100 possible)
  • Pedestrian Protection: 67.82 points
  • PSBR: 4.0 points

New Nissan LEAF gets 5-star safety rating

New Nissan LEAF gets 5-star safety rating

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