Plug-in electric car manufacturers complain about the lack of incentives and support for the infrastructure rollout in Australia.

2018 Nissan LEAF

2018 Nissan LEAF

As it turns out, only some 191 electric cars were sold in Australia the past year, which equals half of what New Zealand sold in the single month of January 2018.

The number of just 476 charging stations does not encourage the switch to electric.

The biggest criticism seems to come from BMW Australia Group CEO Marc Werner:

“Our industry is doing the heavy lifting on its own and the short-sighted attitude of the government is honestly disappointing,"

“At BMW, we are clearly on it, but here in Australia we continue to languish in the doldrums as senior government officials concentrate on their private affairs rather than formulating the advancement of our society.”

“We need, urgently, a set of short- and medium-term support options to kick-start our market. Things like strong electric vehicle targets, CO2 emission targets, extended infrastructure and tax incentives. That all works in other countries, why not in Australia?"

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BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW isn't willing to introduce new electric models until there is support from the government.

Also, Nissan and Tesla are against the nation's lack of incentives.

Nissan Asia and Oceania sales VP Vincent Wijnen said:

“I was amazed when I first visited your country for work, last July. I always had this imagination you’re very green, very outdoor-focused, where quality of life is very very important, but this hasn’t switched on yet.”

Tesla Australia representative said:

“I believe we’re the only first world country to have a tax and no incentives on electric vehicles."

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