If you ever wondered how ice and low temperatures like 26 degrees Fahrenheit will affect the Tesla Model 3, after this video from Now You Know ... you will know.

How Does Ice Affect the Model 3? (source: Now You Know)

How Does Ice Affect the Model 3? (source: Now You Know)

As it turns out, the handles were frozen, but with special treatment, you can make them work.

However, entering vehicles with frameless doors requires lowering the windows electrically prior to opening the doors. To not damage anything, a hair dryer comes in handy.

Sometimes, those folding mirrors need to be cleared of ice too, so they can unfold. This seems like a lot of work.

If the car was charging, you might have trouble closing the charge door too, until the hinge is cleared of ice.

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Defrosting the windows from snow and ice takes several minutes. After eight minutes, the wipers take over to complete the job.

Plan accordingly and invest in a quality hair dryer if ice is often an issue where you reside.

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