311 Miles Drive, With Some Battery Left To Spare

311 Miles Drive, With Some Battery Left To Spare

Driven 311 miles, with some battery juice left to spare.

This is possibly the first real range test we've seen conducted with the Model 3 and in typical Bjorn fashion it's executed exceptionally well.

Video description:

"In USA, the Model 3 Long Range is rated for 310 mi/500 km EPA. We achieved that by driving on the motorway and using HVAC. This is better than Bolt EV/Ampera-e and will match Model S 75D or classic 85/P85 range. Quite impressive!"

Officially, the EPA rates this tested, long-range version of the Model 3 at 310 miles, so Bjorn exceeded that figure by 1, with some juice left in reserve. Additionally, as Bjorn notes, the HVAC was in use and driving was conducted at speed, so this wasn't one of those extreme hypermiling exercises.

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While Bjorn suggests the battery capacity is in the low 70s, that's a useable figure. We have info suggesting its actually quite a big bigger overall though.

We're wondering, has any Model 3 owner driven more than 311 miles on a single charge? If so, tell us about it in Comments below.

Bonus video: