The image depicting a badgeless Bolt-based CUV comes straight from General Motors.

It seems like General Motors will be putting the Bolt’s platform to good use for a brand new small crossover as hinted in a presentation made by CEO Mary Barra on the occasion of the Barclays Global Automotive Conference. The attached image is included in a section of the document talking about GM’s green agenda, specifically about plans to roll out not one, but two electric CUVs by 2020.

The badgeless crossover previewed here appears to be a production model rather than a concept, so what you see is likely what you’ll get. By the looks of it, the zero-emissions model in question has a few things in common with the FNR-X concept (pictured below) shown by Chevy back in April this year during the Shanghai Auto Show.

Chevy FNR X Concept

Chevy FNR X Concept

It’s too soon to say whether it will carry the bowtie logo or it will wear the tri-shield emblem, though we’re leaning towards the former since the C-pillar bears a striking resemblance to the Bolt. On the other hand, the headlights and hood point in the direction of a Buick, so it’s tricky to know for sure the electric crossover’s identity at the moment of writing.

If the Bolt’s hardware will be carried over without any changes, it means the eco-friendly CUV will use a 60-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and an electric motor producing 200 horsepower and 266 pound-feet (360 Newton-meters) of torque. Taking into account it will likely be a tad heavier than the Bolt, it might not be able to match its EPA-rated range of 238 miles.

Getting back to the aforementioned document, right after the image showing the forthcoming electric crossover there are preliminary details about an all-new platform due in 2021. Catering multiple segments and brands, the architecture is being engineered to accommodate a new battery system featuring a flexible and modular design with a higher energy density and 30 percent lower production costs (from the Bolt’s $145 / kWhr to less than $100 / kWhr. The battery pack will have a larger footprint and a lower height compared to GM’s current setup and is going to benefit from improved DC fast-charging capabilities.

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