Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Let's say you've waited until now to decide whether or not you want a Tesla Model 3. Does that mean you'll have to wait until 2019 or later to take delivery?

Not necessarily.

Tesla has always given Model 3 reservation priority to current owners of the S, X or even the late Roadster. So, if you happen to own a Tesla right now, then getting a Model 3 likely only requires a wait time of a few weeks.

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Various Tesla Model 3 groups on Facebook are now reporting that, provided you're a current Tesla owner, a recently placed Model 3 reservation will jump you to near the front of the line. In fact, there's even a YouTube video (below) explaining how this worked for one current Tesla owner.

So, how do you get a Tesla Model 3 quickly? By being, or becoming, a current Tesla owner. You might be taking a chance on it by buying a new/used Model S or X today in order to jump the queue, but what's the worse that could happen? You end up with a Model S/X now and wait for your Model 3 for a year or so? Best case scenario is that you get a Model S/X now and a Model 3 in a month or so.

We all love line jumpers, right?

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