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We were impressed by what we could learn from the Emergency Response Guide for the Tesla Model X and Model 3, so when a member of the InsideEVs Forum pointed out the release of a guide from Honda for its Clarity Plug-In Hybrid, we were pretty excited to check it out.

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Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid partially submerged in an invisible water tank.

Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid partially submerged in an invisible water tank.

Like those other guides, this document has some terrific images, showing off which areas of the car's chassis is comprised of high-strength and ultra-high-strength  steel (above), as well as the aluminum alloy body panels, not to mention a less-helpful (but amusing nonetheless) illustration of the car partially submerged in water in an invisible tank (right).

Besides showing first responders the routing of the high-voltage wiring and other important information for extricating passengers after crashes, the guide also has some hints that could come in handy for owners. For example,  pushing and then holding the power button on the dash to the right of the steering wheel for three seconds "immediately shuts down the high-voltage system controllers, thereby preventing current flow into the cables. It also cuts power to the airbags and the front seat belt tensioners, though these pyrotechnic devices have up to a 3-minute deactivation time."

Good to know, though also be aware that the document suggests making sure the key fob is placed at least 20 feet away from the vehicle to prevent unintended restarting. It also points out, with a diagram, the location of the tow hook, as well as the tie down slots, in case the unhappy need for it to be a placed on a tow truck arises.

You can read or download the PDF file here.

Source: Honda via InsideEVs Forum

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