The Argonne National Laboratory released a special online tool - EVolution - to make the choice of an electric car model easier and more rational.



EVolution shows vehicles available on the market that meets certain criteria like type, size, number of seats and price range.

Then, you can compare the plug-in models with the powertrain type of your choice against a conventional model.

Is an electric vehicle a smart consumer choice? Absolutely! But first you need the facts about EVs and how they relate to your driving needs. The EVolution consumer choice tool is here to help.

When the models for comparison are selected, the next step requires a postal code to calculate results, as there are big differences between the states - due to energy and fuel costs differences, and assumptions are different due to climate or area. You can also set daily mileage driven,

Seven states have been covered so far: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin, but even if you live somewhere else, you can see how it works by typing a postal code of a location most similar to your own.

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A drawback is that the model list is incomplete.

Check out EVolution here.

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