For the 2017 model year, The Car Connection said no affordable electric vehicle can touch the Chevy Bolt EV, and this year, nothing has changed.

Aside from Tesla, which doesn't specialize in affordable EVs, GM seems to be years ahead. If we peer ahead to what's on the table for the next year or two, only the new Nissan LEAF (when it arrives in January with a 40 kWh/~150 mile offering, and then next Fall in a longer range ~60 kWh/225 mile option), will challenge the Bolt when considering price and range. The Car Connection shares:

"Last year, we pointed out that the Bolt EV rendered all other affordable electric vehicles 'outdated and nearly obsolete,' and it remains the case."

In regards to the current first-generation Nissan LEAF, the Bolt has significantly more range. This also holds true for the first (base) iteration of the 2018 LEAF, as well as the base Tesla Model 3. Of course, Tesla is currently building a 310-mile Long Range Model 3 at the moment (albeit very slowly), but it's much more pricey than the Bolt.

The Chevy Bolt brings 238 miles of all-electric range to the table and costs about $30,000 if you factor in the $7,500 federal EV tax credit. The Car Connection says:

"The choice is as clear today as it was a year ago: 'range anxiety' is a thing of the past with the Chevrolet Bolt EV."

We don't know if we'd go so far as to say that there's no range anxiety with 238 available miles and limited charging infrastructure. However, the Bolt is truly today's range champion and it will only get better from here. GM has grand plans to use the Bolt as a platform to move toward a future of electric vehicles.

The Car Connection didn't pick the Bolt based on range and price alone, however. The publication shares that it drives like a regular car "with a mountain of torque." It handles well; provides a smooth, quiet ride; and has a spacious, quality interior with "plenty of tech, too, but it's not overwhelming." The Car Connection concludes:

"Over the last year, we've had plenty of time to ponder the question: Can the Bolt EV be truly 'groundbreaking' if it acts like a regular car?


Source: The Car Connection

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