This family believes in protecting nature because they spend their time exploring the wilderness. Might as well do so in a Chevy Bolt EV!

There's not really any competition for the Chevy Bolt today when it comes to affordable 1oo-percent electric, long-range, as well as rugged and ready for family-friendly wilderness excursions. Sure, you could opt for a Tesla Model X, but it'll surely cost you. While we hold the Nissan LEAF near and dear, it won't get you as far into the wild before you're in need of a charge, and the Tesla Model 3 is still more than a difficult acquisition these days.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

Chevrolet Bolt EV

It seems that Chevrolet is marketing the Bolt in varied ways these days, probably since it's banking its future on the successful Bolt EV. Take for instance the recent Chevy Bolt Autocross event. Or, GM's recent photo montage of the Chevy Bolt as a vehicle for active pursuits (see the gallery below).

Though the video is brief, it pulls at the heartstrings of all of our nature-loving, hiking, biking, and camping aficionados with its incredible imagery of the vastness of the Canadian wilderness.

Video Description via ChevroletCanada on YouTube:

The Chevrolet Bolt EV - Making Important Choices for Future Generations | Chevrolet Canada

Greg Hill and his family live in a small town deep in the mountains in BC. Protecting nature is important to them, but so is getting out to where they can discover their next adventure in the wilderness. The technology of the all electric Chevrolet Bolt EV enables Greg to make sustainable choices, but still live the lifestyle he wants to live.

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