Everybody knows that electric cars are sexy. In fact, one electric car maker even wanted to name its cars that - S3XY.

But here we spot something even more special, an absolute must have or Musk have if you wish, to make Valentine's Day more electrifying.

Sit back and watch the first animated film on the subject of love and electric cars, courtesy of Renault.

More about the film:

Designed by Le Loft at Publicis Conseil, "The Postman" is the first animated film from Groupe Renault. Showcasing Kangoo Z.E. it is based on an original, engaging scenario, underlining all the benefits of electric driving and the resulting comfort for customers.

An electrifying love story

For Valentine's Day, Groupe Renault wanted to celebrate love in an original and moving way with "The Postman". This skillfully made short animated film of just 90 seconds features a dizzy geeky-looking postman, who falls in love with a young woman after bringing her a parcel.

Making contact nevertheless proves difficult, since the young woman's dog is intent on protecting his mistress from the strange postman and, more particularly, from his noisy old delivery vehicle.

Until the day when an electric vehicle changes the course of history...

"The Postman" film is a different approach to other EV content that Renault has produced in the past. We hope this romantic and funny story will drive closeness and familiarity with Renault’s audience Valentine's Day. " Patrick Lara, Managing Director, Publicis Conseil

A winning and engaging campaign for electric vehicles

Directed by Akama, produced by WIZZ and animated by NKI, this film aims to be innovative and appealing. It also sets out to highlight the benefits of electric driving: "zero emissions" and "zero noise".

"By developing a full-fledged and accessible electric vehicle range, Renault wants to make everyone’s lives better. This animated content is the best way to illustrate the reasons to believe in these innovative vehicles in an emotional way. We are proud to have developed with the Publicis Loft this universal, engaging story, for a timely event that matters in our audiences lives.” Carine Gaillez, Global Content and Media Director, Groupe Renault

The vehicle showcased in this original campaign is Kangoo Z.E. Built in France at the Renault Maubeuge plant, it has been Europe's best-selling electric LCV since 2011, with market share of 25.8%.

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