Tesla's Semi to be fully revealed on November 16.

Tesla's Semi to be fully revealed on November 16.

So, how many miles of range will the Tesla Semi have?

Questions are mounting about Tesla's all-electric semi truck. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a talent for creating a buzz and making this sort of thing happen.

First of all, he teases the new concept early on. Then there are little details given from time to time and a reveal event is scheduled, which lets us know that the vehicle is actually a real thing capable of being shared with the world. Even Musk's two-time rescheduling of the event, while irritating to some, grabs more press and gets people even more excited with anticipation. Finally, the CEO takes to social media with crazy statements to up the ante.

Not very much has been revealed about the Tesla Semi on an official level. All we really know is that Musk says the specs are outstanding. After we saw pictures of what was believed to be the automaker's prototype semi out testing, followed by a potential test mule, Musk Tweeted once again.

Bernstein analysts, Toni Sacconaghi Jr. and David Vernon, are estimating that the Tesla Semi will have 300-450 miles of range and be available in the middle of 2019. Bernstein has a $265 price target for Tesla stock.

Traditional long-haul trucks command 500-600 miles of range. Even at 450 miles, Tesla will struggle to meet the needs of the trucking market. Although there's speculation that Tesla's truck will be marketed for regional trucking routes. The Bernstein analysts don't believe that the Silicon Valley electric semi will see huge success. They shared, according to Benzinga (via Teslarati):

Possible Tesla Semi prototype and test mule (red box).

Possible Tesla Semi prototype and test mule (red box).

“On net, despite a potentially compelling value proposition, we do not see the Tesla Semi opportunity as a thesis changing initiative for the company, at least initially. It is somewhat unclear why the company needs another major initiative (beyond Model 3, forthcoming Model Y, battery production, solar roofs and energy storage) on its already full plate.”

Musk still points to the semi's mind-blowing status. So, if it's not range (and it surely could be if Bernstein is right since initial guesstimates stood at 200-300 miles; Reuters previously reported that the truck is expected to have 200-300 miles of range with payload), what could possibly be so compelling?

Hopefully, we'll know a whole lot more in just a few days. The semi's official unveiling is set for this Thursday, November 16 in Hawthorne, California.

Source: Teslarati

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