"What do Norwegians do on Sundays?  We gather up at IKEA to measure the cargo space in different cars."

Bjørn Nyland and some  Norwegian EV enthusiasts have conducted an experiment to check on the cargo space of several popular electric vehicles.  Included in the test was the BMW i3, Hyundai IONIQ Electric, Nissan LEAF (2013), Kia Soul EV, Nissan e-NV200 and of course ... some Teslas.

The tests was performed using the 'real world' measuring tool of choice:  banana boxes.

The more banana boxes that can fit in - the greater the cargo space. Here are the results:

Number of banana boxes:

  • BMW i3: 4 in trunk, 14 with seats folded
  • Hyundai Ioniq: 6 in trunk, 16 with seats folded
  • Nissan LEAF (2013): 5 in trunk, 18 with seats folded
  • Kia Soul EV: 6 in trunk, 21 with seats folded
  • Model X 5 seater: 1+10 in frunk+trunk, 28 with seats folded
  • Nissan e-NV200: About 48-50
Earlier results:
  • Model X 6 seater: 1+9 in frunk+trunk, 23 with seats folded
  • Model S pre-facelift: 2+8 in frunk+trunk, 24 with seats folded
  • Model S facelift: 8 in trunk, 22 with seats folded
  • Mercedes E-class estate: 10 in trunk, 24 with seats folded

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