And ... the floodgates seem to be open in regards to Tesla Model 3 videos.

As we explained awhile back, it wouldn't be long until we'd begin seeing a barrage of Tesla Model 3 videos. Then, the production bottleneck took hold, retail customer deliveries were pushed back a few times, and it seemed every time a new video made its way onto the web, it swiftly disappeared. This was likely because these early vehicles weren't completely updated, meaning that key features may have been missing or only working in a limited or beta capacity, so NDAs have apparently been out in place by the company for early closed employee sales. As these cars were going to employees, Tesla can get early feedback, and deal with any issues before too many Model 3s were on the road.

Car hauler transporting eight Tesla Model 3 vehicles. Now we just need about 600 of these!

Car hauler transporting eight Tesla Model 3 vehicles. Now we just need about 600 of these!

Now, enough videos are going public at once that perhaps they'll stick around a bit longer, or at the very least the cars are somehow finding their way to anonymous 3rd parties - who aren't affected by previous agreements.

UPDATE (November 13th):  And nope ... another video bites the dust.  Check out some other review videos that have survived Tesla's apparently long reach while we try to run down another copy of the pulled video.

The first retail customer deliveries may still yet be a delayed for some time, but now that there are more reviews out there, Model 3 Owners Club got a hold of a Tesla Model 3 to drive and show off, and it seems that most key features are in place now, so we'll probably be seeing many of these videos more regularly.

The first video (above) is a brief interview with an owner that's had his Model 3 for about a month. He's quite happy with the car, its size, acceleration, and features. However, he does mention that he had to take it in for minor issues and the locking system appears to be a bit buggy.

Have a look at a few more videos below. The first shows about two minutes of footage of the Model 3 on the freeway with Autopilot engaged. The next is footage from a security camera, which catches a car hauler transporting a truckload of Model 3s. Too bad it's not a Tesla Semi hauling them. There are eight cars in total and the YouTuber is able to walk up and get a closer look when the truck parks. Finally, the last video is a quick shot of the first Tesla Model 3 delivery in Portland, Oregon.

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