India’s Emflux Motors pulls the cover off its new fully-electric superbike model; the ‘Emflux One’.

The history of electric sportbikes has been a rocky one to say the least. Mission Motors is dead, and while they both appear to technically be in business, I haven't heard much from the MotoCzysz or Lightning Motorcycle camps in quite a while. With India currently being the world’s largest two-wheeler market, it makes sense that an electric bike company would pop up there. With the help of half-a-dozen investors, the Bengaluru-based, 25-employee operation that is Emflux Motors just debuted its inaugural model at the 2018 Auto Expo in New Delhi.

Emflux One

Emflux One

Introducing the Emflux One, a high-end 370lb, fully-electric superbike capable of doing 0-60 miles-per-hour in three-seconds flat. Those are some bold claims right there. At the heart of silent superbike is Emflux’s proprietary liquid-cooled AC induction motor that boasts a peak power of 50kW and operates at a minimum efficiency of 95 percent. The electric powerplant reportedly produces an equivalent to 71 horsepower and 62 foot-pounds of torque at 8,400rpm. This power gets to the rear wheel via a chain drive, giving the machine a claimed top speed of 124mph and a 0-60mph of 3 seconds, making it comparable to a mid-size triple.

Married to the AC motor is Emflux’s 9.7kWh Li-ion, (liquid-cooled lithium ion) modular battery pack with integrated high-power Samsung SDi cells. In addition to offering a claimed city-range of just under 125 miles, and a highway range of 93 miles at 50 miles per hour, the Emflux One’s battery pack can be 80 percent charged in just 36 minutes when using a WARP Charger™, or three-hours from a regular 15A wall charger. The battery also comes with a five year/62,000 mile warranty.

The rest of the hardware on the One is primarily made up of top-shelf parts. The machine’s chassis, sub-frame, and single-sided swing-arm—supposedly a first for a made-in-India motorcycle—are all tubular steel trellis units. Mated to the trellis frame up front are 43mm inverted forks while the single-sided swing-arm is dampened via a 46mm gas mono-shock. Both of these can be upgraded to fully-adjustable, high-spec Ohlins units. The braking hardware all comes from Brembo and consists of dual 300mm discs bit by quad-piston radially-mounted calipers in front and a single 220mm disk paired with a dual caliper in back. Both run twin-channel ABS.

The bodywork on the Emflux One—AKA the “Model One”—is very reminiscent of designs from high-end Italian manufacturers.. An angular dummy-tank houses the battery-pack, and the bike’s standard, lightweight fiber-glass fairings can be upgraded to carbon fiber for an added fee. The entire build comes from the factory on a set of cast alloy rims wrapped in Pirelli Diablo Rosso II rubber, though the cast wheels can be upgraded to forged alloy units for a price.

The new Indian two-wheeler sports all the high-tech bells and whistles one would expect on a modern e-bike–a 6.8 inch touch-screen smart display offering real-time vehicle diagnostics, GPS navigation, two built-in cameras in front and one in back, full Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G system software enabling it to receive over-the-air-updates, full LED lighting throughout, and an Emflux app that allows users to locate and/or book charging stations. Taking advantage of the electric motor, the engineering team at Emflux opted to give the Model One l a park/walk assist function which allows the bike to move forward or backward at 2mph at the push of a button.

I can’t find any word on price, but I imagine it will be on the steeper side. Emflux is poised to start accepting preorders and will reportedly initiate deliveries beginning in early 2019. With a clear aim at a more upscale demographic, it should be interesting to see if an Indian company is able to attract elite motorcyclists. Time will tell. I will readily admit that supersports are hands down my favorite class of bike, so maybe this is just my own bias speaking but this Is the first electric bike I've ever had a strong desire to ride.

For anyone interested in seeing additional specs on the Emflux One, you can check out the marque's website.

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