"Ahhhh shhhheeeeeyyyyyt" ... the Tesla Model X suffers from some frost-related issues.

Bjørn Nyland is back with Optimus Prime, his Tesla Model X. He points out that he's heard some Tesla owners mentioning issues related to cold weather. So, Nyland leaves his car out in the cold overnight and purposely doesn't preheat it. He says there's a lot of moisture and it's about zero degrees Celsius (32 Fahrenheit), which honestly isn't even that cold.

Tesla Model X door won't open because the window is frozen and can't lower

Tesla Model X door won't open because the window is frozen and can't lower

Nyland's observations show that it's really not much different than any car left out in wet, cold conditions overnight. The doors and mirrors are frozen. He's still able to easily get the door open, the spoiler works, as does the frunk and the trunk. Nyland suggests disabling the auto-folding mirrors in the winter. Nothing else really seems to be an issue.

This basically just further proves that it's important to preheat these cars in the winter. You really should warm up any vehicle in the winter before heading out. It's not as if the Model X won't start or function properly due to the cold.

It would be interesting to see the situation in truly extreme conditions. It would also be helpful to know exactly what other issues people have apprised Nyland of. Have any of you had any cold-weather concerns with your EVs, or specifically a Tesla vehicle, aside from reduced range and frozen doors/windows?

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

I let my Model X park overnight with frost. In the morning I tried to open doors and tested folding mirrors. Some components failed and some worked.

Video below: Bjorn trying to break his Tesla in the cold again

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