Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Along with the negatives comes the positives.

Recently, an analyst who checked out the Tesla Model 3 in person stated that the car had several flaws, mostly related to fit and finish issues. That's the negative, but almost like clockwork along comes a gushingly positive Model 3 review.

This one is from an owner, but with the caveat that he's a Tesla employee, so at least consider the source.

Tesla Model 3 Review Via <a href=Tesla Model 3 Owners Group On Facebook" draggable="false">

Tesla Model 3 Review Via Tesla Model 3 Owners Group On Facebook

Notably absent from the write up is any real info on what it's like to drive the Model 3. There are several references to how spectacular the Model 3 is:

"...this car will blow you away and shut the mouth of your drunk aunt at Christmas Dinner..."

"My Model 3 has systematically destroyed the experience of every other car..."

"Its handling, acceleration, design, and quiet, visually noiseless interior will ruin every other car you come across in the future."

But really nothing that puts any of the comments into context. The takeaway from this is basically "the Model 3 is #1, just take my word for it."

As the owner concludes (and we'll fittingly add since he himself is a Tesla employee):

"P.S. Take every article you read here with a grain of salt."

Source: Tesla Model 3 Owners Group On Facebook

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