Formula E

Formula E

Nissan Europe's Electric Vehicle Director, Gareth Dunsmore, sees the automaker's entrance in Formula E as big boost for the LEAF because of the fan engagement it brings.

Nissan is taking over the Renault team, which is quite logical since Formula E is a global series and Nissan operates globally, while Renault EVs are sold almost solely in Europe.

It's an excellent opportunity for Nissan to promote its latest electric car - 2nd generation LEAF, and following EVs that will enter market in the future.

We could bet that just like in the case of ZOE, LEAF will be present at the various Formula E tracks around the world.

"Will Nissan's move into Formula E help to make EVs sexier?

It absolutely shows EVs are exciting. I've driven a Nissan Leaf since 2012 and I've got this knowing Leaf smile. Every Leaf customer has it. It's a sort of smug satisfaction that you know something that the guy driving an internal combustion engine car next to you doesn't know. That is the excitement you get from the instant torque. What better way to demonstrate that than with Formula E?"

Source: Automotive News Europe

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