Tesla Model 3 - shown here being accessed remotely via the Tesla Mobile App

Tesla Model 3 - shown here being accessed remotely via the Tesla Mobile App

As Tesla pushes new updates to its global fleet and mobile app, we begin to see requests satisfied from CEO Elon Musk's December Tweetstorm.

Perhaps you remember back in December (the day after Christmas, in fact) when Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to thank owners for their support. He also opened a huge can of worms by ending the Tweet with, "How can we improve further?"

Definitely a gutsy move for sure, as he would have to read all of the suggestions, comment when necessary, and then actually follow through with some improvements. We'd be hard-pressed to find any other automotive CEO tread down such a slippery slope. This is especially true since the Silicon Valley automaker is surely facing its fair share of struggles and criticism.

Needless to say, replies filled Musk's feed with a myriad of suggestions, many of which he acknowledged and pledged to address. Often his responses were as simple as, "Done," "Sure," or "Should be in the next update."

One such exchange is shown below:

The best part about the whole situation is that since Tesla can update its vehicles over-the-air, many of the fixes are possible and even timely (except when they're not). Likewise, like most apps, the automaker's mobile app can also be updated immediately and indefinitely.

Tesla has recently released multiple features that will help owners be better-equipped to deal with cold weather. Prior to Musk's Tweet, the automaker had already added an update for battery preconditioning. Now, the latest update to the Tesla Mobile App ups the ante further, adding seat heaters, defrosters, heated steering wheel and wiper blades.

According to the Tesla app store:

“Preconditioning will also turn on your seat heaters and defrosters automatically in cold weather for your comfort and convenience. Cold weather upgrades, such as the heated steering wheel and wiper blades, will also be activated. When you start your next drive, your climate settings will automatically revert to your previous settings. NOTE: Requires vehicle software version 2018.4 or above.”

Source: Electrek

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