Shell "Recharge" is a new service launched in the UK by the petrol provider.  Apparently, Shell doesn't want to miss the electrification trend, and be left behind with all those old school gas stations.

The concept is to place dozens of DC fast chargers throughout its infrastructure  (the 50 kW multi-standard kinda), and try to sell electricity (kWh) for about half the price through the Summer 2018 as a pilot project.

Earlier this year, Shell also acquired the NewMotion charging network, and provider of EVSEs, to be able to further provide all kinds of EV charging solutions.

As such, Fully Charged checks in on the first Shell Recharge station in London.

"A rapid charger in a Shell forecourt, in the middle of London. I never thought I'd see that. Well, it's happened, you can use it today. Will electric car drivers use them? Will Shell install loads of them? We certainly hope so."

And look who was present at the station... one of the LEVC TX range-extended taxis. Who would thought that the TX is CHAdeMO compatible.

LEVC TX electric taxi - CHAdeMO charging

LEVC TX electric taxi - CHAdeMO charging

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