Tesla Model 3 at Atascadero, CA Supercharging station (via Mark F!)

Tesla Model 3 at Atascadero, CA Supercharging station (via Mark F!)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has made it known on repeated occasions that Model 3 production hell is still well underway and he didn't divulge the vehicle's production numbers on the recent call.

One would think if numbers were positive, Musk would have been obliged to share. So, we can only assume that ramp up is still not in place. According to Electrek, sources familiar with the situation are reporting that Tesla built about 440 Model 3s thus far.

Tesla Model 3 Production

Tesla Model 3 Production

The only official confirmation we received came at the end of September when the company was found to have built 260 Model 3 vehicles and delivered just ~220.

Based on our sales information, this breaks down to 30 deliveries at July's handover event, followed by ~75 in August and ~117 in September. Our research put October deliveries at 145, which lines up fairly spot on to this report of 180 more Model 3s being produced over the same time.

Regardless of the exact figures, as we mention in our monthly reports on plg-in sales and in this new report, it's not a lot of cars. Musk originally guided to over 1,630 in the first three months and then working more quickly toward the goal of 5,000 per week before the close of the year.

Customer (non-employee) deliveries were also supposed to start sometime in October, likely after Tesla surpassed that 1,500 or so mark. None of this has happened, and the company has guided original delivery and production expectations back approximately 3 months.

In the recent days/weeks Tesla Model 3 reservation holders have started to see their estimated delivery window dialed back. In some cases, it seems that three-month window has only rolled back about a month, which is strange since the automaker self-confirmed ~3 months behind. However, we recently reported that this window has been rolled back yet another month, for some early reservation holders. One Model 3 buyer that reserved on day one, currently owns a Tesla, and lives in California, is looking at a January-March 2018 delivery window. That same person had an original window starting in November 2017. This could indicate that customer deliveries may not start until next year.

Perhaps Tesla is just playing it safe. We can only hope that the discovered bottlenecks are actually fixed and Musk's confidence that the ramp-up will move quickly once it's underway is true.

Source: Electrek

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