Test driving the new LEAF in the US couldn't be any easier.

2018 Nissan LEAFs

2018 Nissan LEAFs

If you live in the US, all you've got to do is sign up and Nissan will handle the rest. Heck, Nissan will even bring the new LEAF right to you.

Nissan asks for some basic information, like name, address, email etc. Then, you're asked to input the exact location where you'd like to conduct your test drive. Home, work or even at a local coffee shop are all options. Actually, you pick the place and Nissan will accommodate (to a certain extent, we believe).

Try it before you buy. Wish sure that would be the case with the Tesla Model 3 too.

There is one little curious option box for you to tick off if applicable. It's "I am a current LEAF owner" with no explanation as to why that matters.

Head on over to the AllNewLEAFDrive website to sign yourself up to test drive the new LEAF.

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