While we are just days ahead of Tesla's Semi unveiling, here is the full Daimler's E-FUSO Vision One debut presentation from the Tokyo Motor Show.

Ultimately, Daimler could turn into the biggest competitor to Tesla in the area of electric trucking (or vice-versa), that is  once both companies trigger their respective market launches in earnest.

According to the presentation, the E-FUSO Vision One is more than just a concept. It's fully functional and driveable, with all the modern features that Daimler has to offer.

In the upcoming months, E-FUSO Vision One will even be available for a test drives (of which, we are happy to participate if asked - hint, hint).

Quick specd:

  • 300 kWh battery
  • up to 350 km (218 miles) of range
  • payload of the truck stands at 11 tons (2 tons less than its diesel counterpart)

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