2018 Nissan LEAF

2018 Nissan LEAF

Nissan is fully confident that its new 2018 LEAF will remain the world's #1 selling electric car. This then implies that Nissan believes it will outsell the Tesla Model 3.

Despite slumping sales of late due to buyers awaiting the new LEAF, Nissan is as confident as ever that the 2018 version of the world's #1 selling electric car will continue to be the global BEV sales kings.

New Nissan LEAF

New Nissan LEAF

At the Nissan Futures conference in Singapore, Nissan's global electric vehicle director, Nicholas Thomas, confirmed that Nissan has no thoughts of handing over the sales crown.

Thomas stated:

“We’ve sold more than 350,000 cars around the world.We are the leading electric vehicle manufacturer around the world – we’ve sold more than anybody else."

“The Nissan Leaf is already the world’s best-selling electric vehicle and now with this new version we’re introducing, we’re very, very confident that we are going to continue that position and keep going with a fantastic product.”

Of course this statement implies that Nissan fully expects the LEAF to retain its currently massive lead over the Model 3, but Tesla would like us to believe otherwise. Tesla says Model 3 production will ramp up to 500,000 units annually, a figure that would quickly dwarf LEAF sales, which currently stand at a bit over 300,000.

However, with Tesla recently delaying the launch of the standard $35,000 Model 3, the situation does indeed look brighter for the LEAF.

Thomas added:

“I’m convinced I can build and sell those very quickly."

“We are delivering cars to customers in Japan, we are delivering cars to customers in Europe, we are just about to begin delivering cars to customers in the US, Canada, the rest of the region as we’ve announced."

When asked if he was worried about the competition, he responded:

“Am I worried about the competition? No, not at all.”

Confident. that's for sure.

Source: Car Advice

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