Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Now you can use Apple's AI assistant, Siri with, the Tesla Mobile App.

Though the automaker didn't make any public mention of it -- perhaps so as not to shed any light on Apple's technology -- or simply because Tesla has a habit of not always publicizing its updates, Siri is now usable via the company's mobile app.

You Can Now Ask Siri To Control Your Tesla

In the past, you could use Siri to command other third-party apps through Tesla's interface, although the automaker's own app wasn't able to be accessed as such. With the most recent iOS app update, voice commands can now be used within the app itself.

The iOS update specified the usual minor fixes and improvements, but Twitter user Chris Danks shared with Electrek that the Siri assistant features are, in fact, engaged.

If you haven't updated your Tesla app, you will find that Siri will continue to ignore your requests no matter how aggressive you become. Once you do update it, some features may work okay, but according to Electrek, it's not up to par yet. It still seems to be in a beta stage and Siri tends to employ selective hearing.

The Tesla Mobile App has received much more attention as of late. This is especially the case due to the Model 3, since the app acts as the primary key to the vehicle.

Also, we previously shared about the value of the app for homeowners that rely on solar energy and/or have a Powerwall installed. InsideEVs contributor, Michael Beinenson, showed us the app's functions in great detail in a recent video posted by Like Tesla.

Just like its vehicles, we can only imagine that the Silicon Valley automaker will continue to enhance and update its app indefinitely.

Source: Electrek

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