Here's the first range test of the 2018 Nissan LEAF by Bjørn Nyland.

It reveals range of around 245 km (152 mi) and an average energy consumption of 137 Wh/km (221 Wh/mi).

That's in line with the 151-mile (243 km) EPA rating and approximately 91% of the WLTP rating (270 km / 168 miles).

Overall, that's what we'd expect to see during the summer, while during the winter or in high-speed driving range is expected to be closer to 200 km (125 miles).

Test conditions:

  • start at 77% state of charge and use of 63% to estimate range for 100%
  • average speed using ProPilot cruise control 80 km/h (50 mph)
  • Eco mode on, e-Pedal off
  • 17°C and windy
Test results:
  • average energy consumption - 137 Wh/km (221 Wh/mi)
  • estimated range for full battery 245 km (152 mi)
The second video is on an eco challenge - all Nissan test participants tried to cover the special, mostly downhill route with the lowest energy usage, which of course turned out to be negative (the cars gained charge). Bjørn Nyland managed to win the competition by using smart tactics, like turning off everything possible. For his win, he received an electric scooter.

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