Check out this actually pretty nifty Tesla Model S body kit by zeroto60designs.

We have to give kudos to the designers over at Zero to 60, as this work is sleek and appealing. Added to this, it's not over the top or ridiculous like some of the many customizations we've seen out there. This Model S P100D is tastefully done and almost subdued to at least some degree.

If it was just passing by, although you'd be sure to notice its beauty (it's hard not to turn your head when a Tesla drives by anyway), it may not stand out from the crowd simply due to its custom body kit.

It seems more and more people are wrapping cars and adding body kits and other aftermarket enhancements. As such, the competition in the field is growing rapidly. Zero to 60 aims to be a one of America's top in the field.

According to the company's website:

"Zero to 60 Designs is set to be one of America’s most creative automotive and architectural design houses. Breaking free from the mold, Zero to 60 Designs will not only focus on specific custom builds, but will also serve as an incubator for automotiveOEMS as well. The foundation for the business will also reach outside of automotive applying Kenny’s creative energy towards builds that are architectural in nature."

Zero to 60's Instagram page begins:

"Built out of bedrock, molded by hand, and crafted to serve as the very intersection where modern design meets timeless inspiration." 

Corona, California-based Zero to 60 Designs is headed up by Kenny Pfitzer, who got his official start in the field working for West Coast Customs. He began restoring cars during his childhood, with his dad, a retired NASA and Boeing rocket scientist. Kenny's been working in the industry for some 20 years in varying capacities.

You can see more of Zero to 60 Designs' work by following the links below.

Source: Instagram, Facebook, ZEROto60designs

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