Check out Marques Brownlee's (MKBHD) new wrap on his Tesla Model S P100D, shot in impressive quality using the latest iPhones.

MKBHD has a whole series of videos that are shot using only smartphones, to give people an idea of the picture and video quality (using both front- and rear-facing cameras), as well as the audio quality. He shoots these particular clips with an iPhone 8, 8+, and X. While the smartphone review has nothing to do with Tesla, it has become truly amazing the level of quality we can project onto the internet via our phones ... but we digress

MKBHD gives us a closer look at the wrapping process

MKBHD gives us a closer look at the wrapping process

So, why the heck do people want to wrap their cars in the first place?

It's definitely the next big thing, or so it seems. Some people think it's a fabulous idea, while others balk at it. To each his/her own right?

As MKBHD explains, it probably makes more sense for people who live in areas where the vehicle is up against frigid weather, less-than-desirable road conditions, etc.

Let's look at it this way, especially when speaking of phones. Most of us put a screen protector and a nice case on our new phones, so as to keep them safe from the elements, or any accidents. Phones aren't the only personal item we cover up. This is actually common among many items in our lives.Why do we wear shoes/boots ... scotchguard furniture ... put our money in a wallet or clip ... cover our boats in the winter ... stain our decks? It just makes sense. If you value something, and there's a chance it could become easily damaged, protecting it may be an intelligent choice.

What do you think of Marques' wrapped Tesla Model S?

Video Description via Marques Brownlee on YouTube:

Shot on iPhone X and iPhone 8 over a couple of days.

Colors: Satin Dark Grey S261 body and Satin Black S12.

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