Bjørn Nyland was among those who  recently tested the 2018 Nisan LEAF in Tenerife and here we present his first video from the highway and mountain route.

According to Bjørn Nyland, the new LEAF exceeds expectations.

The acceleration is very good, even at higher speeds, says Nyland who likens it to the acceleration of the BMW i3 and Chevrolet Bolt EV, but without the instant Tesla surge.

LEAF is amazingly quiet too.

One of the best features in the new LEAF is e-Pedal for one-pedal driving. It decelerates more strongly than in B, is able to hold on a slope and, according to Nyland, is just very handy.

ProPilot on the highway works fine too and he notes it's smooth at higher speeds.

Overall driving experience is improved and the ride is firmer than the previous generation LEAF.

"My first test drive in Nissan Leaf 40 kWh. Unfortunately, we had limited time with the car during the Nissan event in Tenerife. I will do more tests and review in Norway."

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