Plug In America took little time to respond to the Republican-sponsored House Bill introduced Thursday which if passed, would bring an abrupt end to the Federal Tax credit for electric vehicles as of December 31st, 2017.

Katherine Stainken, PIA's Policy Director posted an action alert on their website, calling for all interested individuals to send a message of disapproval to their elected officials. It's very easy to do, and takes less than a minute, since all you need to do is enter your address so they can determine who your representatives are, then enter your name, email address and telephone number. Then just click send and the email gets sent to your appropriate Representatives.

The body of the email is already written, but you are welcome to modify it if you'd like. If you don't modify it, here's what will be sent:

Dear Legislator,

I’m writing to you to express my full support for electric vehicles (EVs), and to urge you to leave the EV tax credit under Section 30D alone. Repealing the credit under H.R. 1 would have a devastating effect on the EV industry, and would affect hundreds of thousands of workers in the auto industry and the electric utility industry who are manufacturing the vehicles and preparing for greater adoption of EVs throughout the country.

Repealing the Section 30D tax credit will also hurt constituents like me. This federal tax credit is a key incentive that helps drivers make the switch to driving electric. EVs provide a multitude of benefits that accrue to all citizens too, such as promoting jobs, technology and innovation, reducing air pollution, and promoting national security by heavily reducing our reliance on foreign oil, since these vehicles are powered mainly by domestic, locally-sourced electricity.

Moreover, repealing the Section 30D tax credit essentially hands the leadership in this sector to China, who is moving aggressively towards deployment of these vehicles. The current EV industry is biased towards American manufacturing. Major automakers (General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Tesla, BMW, Kia, and more) manufacture these vehicles in the U.S. today – a stark difference to the manufacturing of gas-powered cars. Repealing the Section 30D EV tax credit will slow adoption of the vehicles, which will slow production of the cars in the U.S, hurting jobs.

This credit already has a cap on when it will expire – when each automaker has sold 200,000 EVs. There’s absolutely no need to end the credit now. I urge you to leave the Section 30D EV tax credit alone.

Thank you.


It's important to let your representatives know how you feel about this very important policy change that they are trying to implement.  Electric vehicles are just now beginning to really gain momentum, and the loss of this important tax credit will certainly slow down the transition to plug-ins.

Plug In America Call To Action EV Tax Credit

The tax credit will need to eventually end, but personally I believe this isn't the right time just yet. General Motors and Tesla are already only a couple months from beginning their phase out period, but other automakers like Ford, Daimler, Chrysler, Volkswagen, et al, still have a long way to go, and ending the tax credit now will severely their ability to place competitively-priced plug-in cars in customer hands. We've mandated zero emission vehicles, and now that the OEMs are bringing them to market, this Bill will make them much harder to sell.

We're probably only three to five years from cost parity between electric cars and their conventionally-fueled counterparts. Once that happens the tax credits and other forms of incentives will no longer be necessary. However, we're just not quite there just yet, and these incentives play a major role in facilitating the transition to cleaner, domestically-fueled electric cars.

Follow the link below if you'd like to complete the Plug In America Call to Action, and let your Representatives know you do not want them to vote to kill the EV federal tax credit.

Plug In America Call To Action - Tell your Representatives not to end the EV tax credit!

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