Model 3 dead in a parking lot trying to jump the car to get in

Well, this Tesla Model 3 made it all the way to Detroit, and it's the first one we've seen in the area, but it seems there's an issue.

We've seen and shared some pictures and videos of Tesla Model 3s outside of California, however, not very many. Remember, there's only a handful of Model 3s out there so far and most are being delivered near the Tesla factory in Fremont, or perhaps the Gigafactory in Reno, Nevada. Added to this, even though October has come to a close, we've received no word that customer deliveries are underway.

So, what the heck was a Model 3 doing in the land of the Big Three? Honestly, we have no idea. It must not like the cold weather though because as you can see, the owner has the frunk popped. The vehicle was actually noticed by Redditor XxRoyalxTigerxX. It was out in front of Busch's in Canton, Michigan, which is not too far from the Detroit city limits. The uploader explained via the comment section of Reddit:

"Saw this Model 3 with California plates in Michigan, the car seems to be locked out and dead, and owner / possibly an engineer is trying to jump the car to try and open it.

Thought it was interesting that the car is able to lock him out once the battery gets low

Edit: he keeps leaving the hood open when he puts it down, so I think the car is completely locked out

Edit 2: I think the "jump" from the other car managed to open the frunk but the problem is it didn't open the doors (again this is from what I saw from 20 minutes of observation, when I pulled up he was opening the frunk, and the other guy was closing his) if you look closely , under the headlight there are 2 black cables hanging , that come out of a little cover in the bumper"

<em>Another look at the car and XxRoyalxTigerxX's view of the attempted " draggable="false">

Another look at the car and XxRoyalxTigerxX's view of the attempted "jump start".

The comments on the /r/TeslaMotors Reddit feed go on and on and attempt to tell more of the story. We can't verify the full truth of the matter and there's much speculation on Reddit as to whether the Model 3 is, in fact, broken down or "locked", but it's hard to make such things up. It's cold and rainy and the driver makes no attempt to get back in the vehicle and drive away. XxRoyalxTigerxX continued:

"He kept looking inside the car, and trying to what looked like push the door handles as if they were like toggle switches.

But not once did he open the car door.

Also he was getting in and out of the car that tried to help him jump it.

In about ~15 minutes he didn't open the door once and he kept leaving the hood open, this all made it seem that the car was dead.

I didn't approach him because I figured going " hey buddy your car seems dead" didn't seem like it was going to cheer him up

There other guy closed his hood after a failed attempt to get the car to open, but the picture wasnt that straight so I didn't post it

Here's the other car

He stuck around to let the guy sit in his car since it was about 40° outside and raining"

Interesting to say the least. What's your take?

Source: Electrek, Reddit