In the name of science, Bjørn Nyland tests the Model S ... even while sleeping.

DreamCase for Tesla Model S - Camper Mode Activated

DreamCase for Tesla Model S - Camper Mode Activated

In this case, Bjørn reviews the sleeping bag Dreamcase - which is a box with a bed inside , but customized for camping out in the Tesla.

A review such as this is pretty handy if one is interested in the product, as the price of the Dreamcase starts at around €800 (incl. VAT).

Overall, Bjørn's initial impressions on the Dreamcase are very positive. The design is great, so everything fits well, and the materials are deemed good quality.

With that in mind, the box is heavy (20 kg), and big, but as the Dreamcase consists of a thin mattresses and quilt, any other solution would probably take even more space/weight, and probably would not fit properly in the car.

Whether it's worth the money? Well, that depends - if you sleep in your Tesla just a couple times, it's hard to justify the expense. But if you sleep in car a lot (displacing hotel stays), like Bjorn we assume, then it would be worth considering the buy.

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