Chevy Bolt Interior

Chevy Bolt Interior

We didn't expect any major changes for the 2018 Model Year, but these changes are as minor as they come.

chevrolet bolt rear seating interior
In it second Model Year of availability, the Bolt will see just 2 very minor changes.

Change number one is that the heated steering wheel will now become automatic, meaning that when certain criteria are met, the wheel's heating element will turn on/off by itself. Mind blown. Okay...maybe not. The automatic heated wheel is offered as both a standalone option and on the Comfort & Convenience Package.

The second change is even more minor. The 2 LT version of the 2018 Bolt will lose its map pocket on the front passenger seatback.

Neither of these changes are likely to impact sales, so it's business as usual for the 2018 Bolt EV when it heads into production in mid-December.

With changes this minor, there's no reason to wait for the second-year Bolt. Go ahead and buy the 17 Bolt now, unless you just loathe that map pocket and/or must have an automatic heated wheel.

Source: The News Wheel

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