Some Tesla Semi electric trucks will be used for live broadcasting as The Mobile TV Group announced a pre-order of two units for its local operation in California and adjacent states.

Mobile TV Group - Live broadcast truck

Mobile TV Group - Live broadcast truck

The 500-mile range seems reasonable for the company, especially with the Megacharger network.

In the press release about the commitment to EVs, Mobile TV Group focuses on the environment and capabilities of the truck, and even touches on costs savings. However, the company didn't mention what should be one big advantage - the Tesla Semi should be able to power the trailer for days or maybe even weeks at some events, without needing an outside power source.

Nick Garvin, director, business development, MTVG said:

“It was a pretty easy decision. We think that it makes sense as part of our own green initiative, and our clients are always interested in being greener. We were among the among the first to commit and to spend real money to hold our place in line . We feel like this is a very important step in the right direction for our future and the future of our clients.”

“Since we have so many regional units, 500 miles is enough for our trucks in many places. It doesn’t fit our entire fleet right off the bat, but 500 miles gets us from L.A. to Vegas or L.A. to Arizona or San Diego. That’s the area we’re looking first.”

“A fundamental advantage of the Tesla is, there are significantly less parts compared to a combustion engine, which just means less things can go wrong. It just means less points of failure, so it’s less likely for something to break down, which is obviously one of our biggest nightmares.”

“As part of our own initiative and our clients’, we have been working on how to become more eco-friendly for quite a while. This just continues that initiative. As we replace new units with the Tesla semis, our tractors will become emissions-free, and we’re extremely excited about that.”

source: Sports Video

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