The significant layoff of employees at Tesla reported two weeks ago, are also affecting the company's SolarCity subsidiary - perhaps even to a greater extent.

According to CNBC, which talked with several SolarCity employees, hundreds were fired under the pretense of performance review results.

The problem, at least according to some of those employees,is that those reviews never took place.

States CNBC:

"Echoing reports from earlier this month, these SolarCity employees say they were surprised to be told they were fired for performance reasons, claiming Tesla had not conducted performance reviews since acquiring the solar energy business."

"Three recently fired SolarCity employees (who worked in disparate city offices, and were contacted separately by CNBC) said they asked HR at Tesla for a copy of their performance reviews. But those never materialized."

In total, 205 employees were laid off at SolarCity's Roseville, California, office alone. Apparently hundreds were affected in several states across the country.

"The total number of dismissals could not be determined. However, former employees estimate around 1,200 people have been fired in the company's wave of dismissals at Tesla including SolarCity. That figure does not include previously announced layoffs."

source: CNBC

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