Yes, we know you can't get a Tesla Model 3 for anywhere near $40,000 right now, but the question is still valid.

You can either adjust the dollar figure to the current Model 3 price, or you can look at it from the perspective of when that $40,000 Model 3 becomes available, should I buy it, or opt for a used Model S?

We've come across similar questions on social media and it typically comes down to this. If the Model S can fit in your garage/driveway and you enjoy larger cars, then pick the S. If you insist on buying new and prefer the 3's smaller dimensions, then order it up.

Tesla Model S Price Trends

Tesla Model S Price Trends

If, however, $40,000 is your price cap, then you'll have to decide if waiting for the near-base 3 is the right option for you. If you haven't reserved a 3 yet, then that wait may be longer than you're okay with.

Video description:

We love Tesla's, but the premium you have to pay to get into one can more or less give you sticker shock.

So in this video, we compare Tesla's flagship Model S versus it's younger brother the Model 3, and then look at some depreciation schedules and pricing data to decide which version we would buy right now, if we were going to buy our first Tesla.

What would you do with $40k? Buy a new Model 3 or used Model S? At Ideal Cars, we're always looking for the best 'value' and think the 2013-14 P85+ is a great value right now!

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