Roadshow's review of the Tesla Model 3 is entitled "So close to perfect", which more or less tells us that the latest Tesla was well received.

Overall rating by Roadshow of the Model 3 stands at 8.2/10. Here's the rating breakdown:

  • Performance - 9
  • Features - 7
  • Design - 9
  • Media & Connectivity - 7.5
Roadshow notes that the driving experience is solid and the design is very stylish too, however there are too many distractions (touch screen required for wipers or cruise control, for example). Some of those features controlled through the display could become annoying or unsafe. Otherwise, the car is excellent.

The Good - Clean looks, a distinctive yet practical interior layout and solid performance create what seems like a perfect package.

The Bad - Serious usability issues exist. Some will be polished away with over-the-air updates, but others will remain.

The Bottom Line - Tesla's affordable EV isn't exactly affordable yet, but it sure does drive nice.

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