Colorado intends to leverage its electric car market through installations of DC fast charging infrastructure along highways.

Plug-in car sales in Colorado (by August 2017)

Plug-in car sales in Colorado (by August 2017)

Gov. John Hickenlooper outlines the idea in the state's recently released Colorado Electric Vehicle (EV) Plan.

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The key action areas are:

  1. Create strategies and partnerships to build out EV fast-charging corridors.

  2. Coordinate with Regional Electric Vehicle West memorandum of understanding states on Intermountain electric corridor.

  3. Develop strategic partnerships with utilities, local governments, and other stakeholders.

  4. Update signage and wayfinding requirements to include EV fast-charging.

  5. Ensure economic and tourism benefits and increase access for all Coloradans.

According to the ZEV Sales Dashboard, as of August 2017 there were 11,238 plug-in cars in Colorado and 53 public fast charging stations (138 EV fast-charging ports). Sales increased by 73% year-over-year in the first eight months of 2017.

Several hundred fast charging stations along Colorado’s transportation corridors will be built depending on an envisioned growth scenario for the near-future.

Governor John Hickenlooper said:

“The Colorado EV Plan serves as a roadmap to build out a fast-charging network, giving Coloradans the ability to travel anywhere in the state in an EV. The plan includes a set of goals and strategies that ensure Colorado continues leading in adoption of EVs and leverages the economic development and tourism benefits.”

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