Believe it or not, charging cable theft is actually quite common abroad where owners supply their own cables.

This security video captures a man in Moscow Kyiv who steals the charging cable from a Nissan LEAF. When the thief attempts to flee, he's met by a security guard. A fight ensues, but the thief manages to beat down the guard and escape the scene with the charging cable.

Moral of the story, besides being aware that your EV's charging cable has a real-world value...don't try to stop a robbery in progress (especially for a couple hundred bucks of property), it isn't worth it!

Video description (via Google Translate):


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Today in the parking lot that is on Voskresenskaya Street, 14, an unknown man decided to steal the charging cable for the car #Nissan #Leaf.

He notices the guard, but alas, after the fight, the thief still manages to escape.

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