It seems the Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot fares pretty well in stop-and-go traffic.

Despite many not-so-good reports as of late about Tesla's second-generation Autopilot, the Model 3 here seems to do a superb job here in heavy traffic. As you can clearly see, the driver is not getting involved. At the beginning, the traffic is moving as fast as 34 mph. Later, you see the car at much slower speeds, coming to a complete stop, and then taking off again.

Tesla Model 3 Autopilot - Check out the <a href="Rainbow Road" easter egg." draggable="false">

Tesla Model 3 Autopilot - Check out the "Rainbow Road" easter egg.

Of course, stop-and-go traffic is probably one of the easier tasks for the Autopilot system to handle. It's really not any different than adaptive cruise control, or more specifically, adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go, which is found on many vehicles today.

In a situation such as this, there's really no dealing with high speeds, nor is there any worry about tight curves, narrow shoulders, merging or passing maneuvers, or inadequate roadway markings. It's just a matter of the car knowing the speed and distance of the cars ahead.

It's still nice to see more footage of a Model 3 in action with Autopilot engaged, doing exactly what's expected. Hopefully, by the time customer deliveries start and there are more Model 3s hitting our roadways, Autopilot 2 will be at complete parity with Autopilot 1. We shall see ...

Video Description via Stannous2 T on YouTube:

Autopilot works very well in heavy traffic. We stuck in a stop and go traffic for ~45 min on 5S thru Camp Pendleton.

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