OCDetailing's time with this red Tesla Model 3 has come to an end, so let's hope the obsessive detailing firm that's been bringing us tons of Model 3 videos acquires a new one soon.

This video presents to us a Model 3 being wrapped with clear protection film after receiving full paint correction.

Then, it's on to applying a coating over the film before tinting all the glass, including the roof.

Video description:

Tesla Model 3 - Epic Paint Protection - Suntek Ultra PPF and CQuartz Finest Reserve

Has: Full Paint Correction 3M Crystalline Tint (Including Huge Rear Windshield) Suntek Ultra Paint Protection Film (PPF) Clear Bra CQuartz Finest Reserve Coating

3M Crystalline: Front Windshield - 70% Front Two Windows - 40% Back Two Windows - 20% Rear Windshield - 40%

Pano-Roof - 70%

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