Ruan Transportation Management Systems announced five reservations for the upcoming Tesla Semi tractor-trailer for a 2019 rollout.

Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi

Another company with just a few reservations wouldn't be a news, but Ruan Transportation revealed some additional information.

Prior to deliveries, there will also be tests of the Tesla Semi in California, which we believe will be performed together with customers (like Ruan) to encourage them to trigger orders. Sounds smart.

Tesla needs to prove the capabilities, range and 30-minute fast charging from Megachargers before sales will ultimately take off.

Ruan Transportation was also among customers that were in touch with Tesla for six months prior to the Semi's November unveiling.

"Ruan plans to add at least five Tesla semis to its fleet in 2019 and will test vehicle prototypes in California before they are delivered. Ruan and Tesla have been in frequent communication throughout the development process, with Tesla inviting Ruan representatives to take part in numerous on-site meetings and discussions in the six months prior to the November unveiling.

The price-per-vehicle will be approximately $180,000. Most diesel-powered tractors cost around $100,000, but Tesla predicts that the electric vehicle will pay for itself within two years due to savings in aerodynamics, reliability and fuel. Some specifics, such as the targeted weight, total operating cost and charging method are still unavailable."

James Cade, Vice President of Fleet Services said:

“These new trucks stand to revolutionize interstate transport and change the way we do business. Ruan has always been a leader in efficient transport and logistics, so it makes perfect sense to explore what these trucks could do for us and our customers."

“We have many questions as the trucks continue to be developed. But we are excited for the potential they hold and are working directly with Tesla to get the answers we need before putting this technology to use.”

“It is our hope that using the Tesla tractor-trailers will eventually reduce our costs, keep our drivers and cargo safer and help us continue our tradition of industry-leading service and reliability.”

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