The Boring Company: Godot in segments (via <a href=The Boring Company media)" draggable="false">

The Boring Company: Godot in segments (via The Boring Company media)

Though some may suggest that a small hole in the ground is boring news, it's frankly surprising how much progress Elon Musk's Boring Company is making in terms of beating the odds.

Entrance to the initial demo. Not much different from what we see at the new site.

Entrance to the initial demo. Not much different from what we see at the new site.

Yes, many have said that The Boring Company is a joke. It will never happen and jurisdictions will be unwilling to allow for this digging, along with Musk's crazy notions. Well ... perhaps car elevators built into congested city streets is a bit lofty initially -- especially when considering the myriad of obstacles and implications -- but who knows at this point. It seems that some locales are more than willing to trust Musk and the Tesla moniker when it comes to disruptive ideas.

For now, Musk's Boring Company has redirected its efforts toward the Hyperloop. Again, something that Musk proposed, some people disbelieved in, he didn't have time for and pawned off, and now it's back and ready for takeoff. And, we know it's all becoming quite a big deal since Musk is working fundraisers at the moment.

Not long ago, when Elon announced some sort of government approval for a Baltimore-DC underground Hyperloop, people called him out. There were demands about "who" approved "what" and a need for specifics.

Now, in a very short time, the company is starting to dig. Electrek reported about Reddit user, DJB_2015, discovering the site south of Baltimore, Maryland, complete with signage and all. Additionally, on the same day, Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan Tweeted for verification:

Added to all of this, being that The Boring Company currently only has Godot, who's working in California, another boring machine only makes sense. Elon will need one or two more (or several) on the East coast to even come close to making anything a reality. No worries ... welcome Line-Storm:

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